• Mandatory parent/student meeting – MARCH 25TH - 7PM YLHS Library

  • Applications due (usually 1 week after parent/student meeting) –  Turn in to Stacy Shube  @ YLHS

  • Clearance Packet must be turned in and verified prior to day 1 of try-outs

  • SONG TRYOUTS APRIL 8th - 11th

  • CHEER TRYOUTS APRIL 22nd - 25th

  • New squads will be posted on our website on the final day of try-outs

  • Mandatory parent/student meeting for all students and parents who make the teams (usually 1-2 week after tryouts) -1st payment deposit due at parent/student meeting.  APRIL 29TH - 7PM YLHS Library

  • Practice begins the week after the parent/student meeting –  DATE TBD

    • The following are general skills that the coaches would like to see for YLHS Cheer and Song. Be aware that these may change at the discretion of the coaches based on the skill level of the group trying out and the various needs the squads may have. Also, other skills are necessary; these are just the minimal tumbling/dance skills.


      • Varsity Cheer (Every type of tuck on various floor surfaces: non-spring floor, grass/Astroturf/track, and basketball court)

        • Standing Tuck

        • Toe Touch Tuck

        • Round Off Handspring Tuck

        • Round Off Tuck

        • Cartwheel Tuck

      • JV Cheer (Every type of back handspring on various floor surfaces: non-spring floor, rass/Astroturf/track, and basketball court)

        • Standing Handspring

        • Toe Touch Handspring

        • Round Off Handspring

      • Varsity Song

        • 4 and 5 Pirouettes

        • Advanced Combinations of Turns in Second

        • Split Leaps, Side Leaps, Switch Leaps, Switch Second Leaps

        • Leg Hold Turns (possibly double)

        • Flexibility: High Kicks and Splits

      • JV Song

        • 3 and 4 Pirouettes

        • Turns in Second

        • Split Leaps, Side Leaps

        • Leg Hold Turns

        • Flexibility: High Kicks and Splits


      • Tennis Shoes for Cheer and Jazz shoes for Song

      • Shorts – Athletic

      • T-Shirt – Fitted or a sports bra

      • Nails MUST be trimmed and unpolished

      • No jewelry/watches

      • Hair in Ponytail


      The coaches/advisors of the cheer and song program will choose who is selected for the squads. The following criteria will be used in the selection:

      • Evaluation of the application progress and skills as demonstrated throughout clinic week.

      • Evaluation of the applicant’s attitude and behavior as demonstrated throughout clinic week.

      • Previous experiences with the applicant – both in terms of attitude and behavior.

      • The applicant’s discipline/behavior history as seen in his/her discipline file and citizenship grades

      For more information contact Stacy Shube at (714) 986-7500 extension 14350 or sshube@pylusd.org



The information below provides answers to most of the questions regarding tryouts.

You MUST be cleared to tryout.  This includes all clearance paperwork, an up-to-date physical, and proof of health insurance.

7PM YLHS Library