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Directions for Painting Cheer and Song Boxes

Please purchase paint from Home Depot and get the exact type and color listed so that there is consistency in the colors. The Home Depot at Savi Ranch has all of these colors, but I assume they will run out quickly if everyone attempts to buy from them. Please try to buy from other Home Depots in the area as well. The boxes must be painted and completely dry for the first football game which is typically the week before school starts. As you should wait at least 24 hours after you paint the base coat to apply any pictures/names/ etc., and you should wait at least 24 hours after that to apply lacquer, please give yourself several days to get the painting done to be sure the boxes are completely dry before use.

Paint the entire outer surface:

  • Song – Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Coverage 2x Gloss – Navy Blue (there is more than

    one blue color so be sure to get navy)

  • Cheer – Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Coverage 2x Gloss – Apple Red

    It may be more cost effective to paint your box with a teammate. That way if the boxes can be painted with a can and 1⁄2, you will only need to buy 3 cans between the two of you​

  1. You may paint pictures/words/caricatures on the top surface ONLY:

    Please limit your paintings to the following spirit-related items:

    • caricatures/pictures/ silhouettes of cheerleaders or songleaders (keep it G rated!)

    • your name and graduation year

    • pom pons, megaphones, footballs, score boards, goal posts

    • the letters YLHS or the word MUSTANGS

    • the words CHEER or SONG 

  1. Rustoleum has “Painter’s Touch” in a can, so that can be used to paint the above items. It comes in Navy Blue, Apple Red, Silver, and White so the colors will match the box colors. If you need to use additional colors to create a painting, you may. Again, sharing paint with a teammate may be the best deal.

    Once the paint has dried completely, cover all surfaces with lacquer:

    Please use Rustoleum Lacquer with the clear cap. 

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