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Welcome to YLHS Cheer and Song!

     The Yorba Linda Cheer and Song Boosters are very proud of the high standards and the excellent winning tradition created by the past and present members of the YLHS Cheer and Song teams. It is our goal to continue these high standards and watch our children engage in an experience that will last a lifetime.

     The dictionary defines a booster as “a person or thing that boosts; specifically, an energetic and enthusiastic supporter, person or thing that supports, assists, or increases power or effectiveness.” Every parent is part of the booster club. In order to make our Cheer and Song program successful, we need help from all of our parents – the boosters. We want to ensure that everyone is involved. Parent help is needed throughout the season. Your voluntary contributions of time and financial donations will help to provide our student athletes with a quality program.

Please let us know where you would like to help! We appreciate your support.


2023-2024 YLHS Cheer & Song Booster Club Officers

Booster Board Officers
  • President:  Susan Metcalf

  • Cheer VP:  Christine Rauch

  • Song VP:  Linsey Bojorquez

  • Secretary:  Elva Rubacalva

  • Treasurer:  Ruth Paz

Booster Squad Representatives​
  • Varsity Cheer:  Mattia Doyle

  • Varsity Song:  Nicole Magni

  • JV Cheer:  Lollie Kientz

  • JV Song:  Sylvia George

Booster Officers​ & Event Committees:
  • Fundraising:  Sarah Edwards/Nicole Magni

  • Hosted Competition:  Vivian M, Rizza Overly, Teri Adamson

  • Showcase:  Linsey Bojorquez

  • Spirit Wear:  Lynsey Ellsworth

  • Banquet Chair:  Mattia Doyle

  • Webmaster:  Karan Kuroda

  • Annual Beach PartyViviana McGovern & Vanessa Nava

  • Football Liaison:  Scott & Rachel McLure

  • Senior Night:  BobbiJo Cook (Cheer); Sarah Edwards/Nicole Magni (Song)

  • Varsity Dinner:  Christine Rauch

  • Social Media (Cheer):  Lollie K, Brianne M, Gator R

  • Social Media (Song)  Delaney H, Jadyn S, Kaitlyn W

  • Bling Wear:  Christine Rausch (Cheer) & Alissa Herman (Song)

  • Team Photographer:  Carrie T (VC), Lollie Kientz & VIviana McGovern (JVC), Olivia/Frank Liu (JVS)

  • Varsity Song Out-of-State Competition:  Karin Tidwell & Julia Haye

  • Varsity Cheer Out-of-State Competition:  Susan Metcalf

  • Media Guide Picture Day:  Carrie T./Football Liasions

Head Coach and Adviser
  • Stacy Shube 

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